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Trans European Drug Information network (TEDI)

What we do

TEDI developed a database that collects, monitors and analyses the evolution of various European drug trends in recreational settings. This system continues to operate allowing information about drug trends to be easily compared across Europe.

Drug Checking service

is one which focuses on public health and harm reduction for members of the public, by analyzing drugs to detect their contents and returning the results of each analysis to service users with the intention of helping the user reduce risk exposure without judgement of their decision to consume drugs.

Methodological guidelines

are currently in use by drug checking services and explains their pros and cons for an audience that might be considering setting up a drug checking service in their own jurisdiction.


This listing includes published drug checking literature divided into scientific articles and various reports.

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Factsheet TEDI data from 2022 :

TEDI represents 22 fieldwork drug checking and drug testing services from 14 different European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Finland and the United Kingdom). 3 new organizations joined in 2022.

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